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A Waters Company. For more than 30 years, ERA has been providing analytical laboratories and organizations that rely on laboratory data with the products and services they need to achieve accurate and reliable test results. Thousands of customers across multiple industries have integrated ERA´s products and services into their quality programmes in order to ensure total confidence in their data.

ERA´s proficiency testing programmes (PT) and certified reference materials (CRM) are designed to provide customers with the confidence that their data is valid and defensible.

ERA maintains a number of globally recognized accreditations to have an independent oversight and to support customers to streamline regulatory compliance.

ISO 17043 for certified reference materials and for proficiency testing schemes ensure the highest possible level of external accreditation.

Laboratories performing testing and analyses with accreditation under ISO/IEC 17025 are pleased with the variety of reference standards and PT schemes for environmental and pharmaceutical applications.
Purified water according to the USP, EP, JP is of high importance to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies that look for Total Organic Carbon and Conductivity. ERA offers a variety of reference standards in accordance with the instruments in use at the water production facility plus certified low TOC vials.

Laboratories involved in environmental testing will be pleased to find an impressive assortment of analytes such as pesticides, PCBs, PAHs or inorganics in water, effluent, sludge, plant material and many other matrices. Supporting PT schemes throughout the year complement this range for testing laboratories especially when accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

ERA´s team provides custom made standards of the analytes and matrix of choice in the desired concentration with three different levels of certification.