EconoTrace-SPE Extraction of Drugs of Abuse in Urine
EZPFC EPA 533 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyls in Drinking Water
EZPrep Complete Separation of PCDDFs and PCBs Using Florisil
EZPrep EPA 1613 and 1668C Semi Automated Cleanup of POPs
EZPFC EPA 537.1 PFAS in Drinking Water
EZPrep EPH Fractionation
EZPrep for Persistent Organic Pollutants
EZPrep Low-Solvent Sample-Clean Up for POPs Analysis
EZPrep PCDDFs & PCBs in Environmental Samples in Toluene
EZPrep PCDDFs & PCBs in Fish Extracts in Toluene
EZPrep PCDDFs in Fish Extracts in Toluene
EZPrep PCDDFs in Fish Oil Extracts inToluene
EZPrep Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fractionation
EZPrep POPs Environmental Samples
EZPrep POPs Analysis in Oil Samples
EZSpe EPA 527 Pesticides and Flame Retardants in Drinking Water
EZSpe EPA 608.3 Organochlorine Pesticide
EZSpe EPA 625 Semivolatiles in Waste Water
EZSpe EPA Method 508 OCPs in Drinking Water
EZSpe Organochlorine Pesticides in Drinking Water EPA 508
EZSpe PCDD Fs & PCBs in Drinking Water
EZSpe Semi-Volatiles EPA 525.3
EZSpe Semi-Volatiles in Drinking Water EPA 525.3
NanoTrace + Cleanup of serum + milk PCDD-F, PBDEs, PCBs
NanoTrace SPE for POPS in milk and serum
PLE + Clean Up of Wood Boiler Ash Samples for PCDD-F + PCBs
PLE + EP110 PAHs in PUF filters & Diethylene Glycol Water Samples
PLE + in-cell Cleanup Pesticides from Soil
PLE + inline cleanup PCBs in Soil and Sediment
PLE + PowerPrep Dioxins, PCBs and PBDEs in Human Serum
PLE + PowerPrep PAHs in Soil and Sediment
PLE + PowerPrep PBDEs in Soil
PLE + PowerPrep PCB in coffee
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F + PCB in ash
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F + PCB in fish
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F + PCB in peanut butter
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F + PCB in sediment
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F + PCB in soil
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F EggYolk PLE + PP
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F human serum
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F in milk
PLE + PowerPrep PCDD-F in pet food
PLE OneStep Pressurized Liquid Extraction and Direct to Vial Concentration of PCBs in Soil
PLE PAHs in Soil + Sediment with Automated Cleanup
PowerPrep PCDD_F + PCBs in edible oil
PowerPrep PCDD-F + PCBs reduced solvent method from different sample matrices
TurboTrace ABN Automated extraction of Aqueous Samples by 8270
TurboTrace ABN EPA 625 Semi-volatiles in waste water
TurboTrace ABN Organochlorine Pesticides with inline Clean-Up
TurboTrace ABN SPE of Phosphorous Pesticides in Drinking Water

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