Certified Reference Materials and Proficiency Tests



ISO 17025 accredited laboratories are obligated to use certified reference materials, when available,
to assure the quality of analysis for their analytical methods. They also have to participate regularly in
proficiency tests to prove their performance in their scope of accredited methods.
ERA is an ISO 17025 and ISO 17043 accredited company who provides a wide range of CRMs for
environmental matrices and applications like water pollution, water supply, air and emissions, soil,
radiochemistry and microbiology.
ERA is also a fully acknowledged provider of proficiency tests accredited under ISO 17043. They provide fast, reliable and easy to use PTs on monthly or quarterly schedules. The reporting of analytical results is easily done online with their new eDATA 2.0 system, which also generates highly sophisticated reports to the participants.
In addition, ERA offers QuikResponse™ tests. The tests are evaluated by using subsequently closed PT rounds. Quik™Response provides results within two days after entering your study data. No waiting, no worries…Only results.
In their process water division, ERA provides reference materials and consumables for TOC, pH, conductivity and turbidity analysis. They have conductivity reference standards designed for the different instruments used in the market. Regardless of the instrument or application, ERA has the product you need.
To react upon special needs ERA also has a large department for custom made products, so feel free to ask for a solution for your special task.