Wellington Laboratories


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A world-leading producer and supplier of reference standards of potentially toxic, halogenated aromatic compounds that are of environmental concern.

Since its inception in the late 1970’s, Wellington has become internationally respected as a reliable source of reference standards and chemicals for use in environmental analysis and toxicological research. The company’s foundation is its staff, who provide a strong combination of synthetic/organic and environmental/analytical backgrounds.

Wellington has the most extensive selection of chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin (PCDD) and dibenzofuran (PCDF) congeners as well as many 13C12 - analogues of these compounds. They also have the largest selection of 13C12 - labeled PCB congeners, including all of the congeners that have been identified as "dioxin-like" in their toxicological activity.

Wellington, in response to client requests, is the only source of many halogenated aromatics, including the more prevalent hydroxy PCBs and their 13C-labeled analogues, alkyl derivatives of PCDDs and PCDFs, and certain chlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs). They will continue to expand their inventory with additional native and mass- labeled organic compounds to support new research and the ever changing needs of the scientific community.

Wellington's mission is to prepare reference standards of a known and documented quality and accuracy that more than satisfy the requirements of their intended use, to support these standards with analytical data that clearly substantiates Wellington's assignments of identity, purity and concentration, and to deliver these standards to their clients in a timely fashion with documentation of their quality.

Together, Wellington and Campro will continue to provide our customers with immediate technical support and any new data or scientific literature that may help them in their research or analysis.