Specialists in Custom Standards: Inorganic and Organic

CPAchem is a world leader in custom-made multi-element calibration standards in inorganic and organic. The four secrets of our success are: High-technology, High-experienced staff, High-quality, High-speed. We are specialized in the following product lines:

Inorganic calibration standards for Atomic Spectrometry (AAS, Graphite Furnace and ICP), Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Ion Chromatography

European Pharmacopoeia Reagents and Standards (Primary Opalescence Suspension & Colour solutions, Conductivity standards & Reference Buffer solutions, Reagents & Volumetric solutions, Ready to use Volumetric solutions)

Organic analytical standards for residue analysis and environmental analysis (pesticides, pesticides metabolites, Deuterium and C13 labelled compounds, other...). Organic standard solutions prepared according to your analytical needs for HPLC, GC and GC-MS)

Using our products you will profit from and improve the following
Time for preparing standard solutions; Conservation and maintenance of source solutions; Traceability.