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Designs, manufactures, markets, and supports analytical instruments used for sample preparation, detection, and measurement of chemical compounds. The Company provides the highest quality instruments available at the best value to our customers.

Automated Sample Prep Systems

Power-Sep™ System
The Power-Sep™ System is a fully automated liquid chromatography system, capable of automating the purification and production of biomolecules using chromatography techniques such as ion exchange, gel filtration and affinity chromatography.

The Power-Sep™ System has the unusual flexibility to run laboratory, pilot or full scale production employing the same basic unit. The Power-Sep™ System can be expanded to control multi-column and multi-sample applications. The DMS-6000 Data Management Software allows real time plotting and automatic documentation of purification data.

Power-Prep™ System
The Power-Prep™ is a high speed sample processing workstation. It is designed to automate the extraction and cleanup of toxic compounds such as Dioxins, PCBs, Pesticides, and PAHs from environmental, biological and food samples.

Power-Prep processes from 1 to 10 samples in less than 1 hour, thereby, achieving high recoveries and excellent precision for all target compounds.

The Power-Prep™ system fits into the smallest budget. With its modular design, you can cost effectively automate your extraction and sample clean-up procedures by purchasing a 1-sample system and expand it to 5 or 10 samples as needed.

PLE™ - Presurized Liquid Extraction
PLE™ is a high speed Pressurized Liquid Extraction system for Dioxins, PCBs, Pesticides, PAHs and BFRs analysis. With the PLE™, one just needs to load solid or liquid samples into the PLE cartridges, and press the start key. The entire extraction is performed automatically and unattended producing excellent precision and high recoveries.

Power-Prep™ GPC System
The Power-Prep/GPC™ system is a low cost automated Gel Permeation Chromatography system capable of separating synthetic macromolecules, pesticides, PCBs, PAHs etc. from interfering compounds. It uses glass or polypropylene columns packed with styrene-divinylbenzene resin beads, and can process from 1 to 30 samples sequentially. The samples are sequentially loaded into the column, then washed and collected in the appropriate fraction vessels.

The Power-Prep/GPC™ system greatly simplifies sample cleanup through its unattended operation, increased speed and precision. Options such as different types of columns, a fraction collector, UV detector and a PC allow versatility in a sample type, automatic monitoring, data recording and programmable control over all aspects of the separation procedure.